Wanna Kickstart your experience?

Alternatively you can

  • Download the latest symfony edition (this site runs on Symfony 2.6.10-DEV)
  • add MopaBootstrapBundle and MopaBootstrapSandboxBundle to your composer.json
  • Activate examples in your Symfony installation

Finished :)


The main purpose of this bundle was to provide a template for the forms, because the markup of bootstrap, and the markup of symfony2 was too different.

In the meantime we also adapted, a intuitive form of navbar classes and a bunch of macros and other bootstrap features.

Please feel free to commit new ideas via Pull Request's or create issues for the problems you have at the moment!

what it is made of

The Idea

Bootstrap has a bunch of features included, and we think it would be nice if you just can use them, but effectively have no drawback on updates.

Adapting the markup of e.g. the form, to the requirements of a CSS framework like bootstrap can be quite a mess

This sandbox and the doc of MopaBootstrapBundle try to give you a feeling, how easy it can be to be up-to-date with your logic to the frontend


These examples are part of the MopaBootstrapSandboxBundle, and are only meant to show you how easy it could be to have a fully working bootstrap site working.

To kickstart you can just use the symfony bootstrap edition and start over creating you own Symfony2 project


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